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Using asymmetric capabilities to secure files using GPG

In my previous posts I discussed how GPG can be used to encrypt a large file using a symmetric key (passphrase). Provided keys are changed regularly, this approach has clear advantages in terms of simplicity, speed, and authentication of the parties. However the loss or theft of the key would break the security assumptions allowing… Read More »

GPG and key generation

In this post I’m walking through the process of creating a GPG key. This is needed for GPG operations that require either the public or private key for encryption or signing, respectively. I’ll be referring to this post in a future post where I talk about the combination of PKC and GPG to support secure… Read More »

Adding file encryption to file transfers: an imperfect approach

In some niche automation applications you might find yourself transferring files over TLS but still have a desire for a further layer of encryption of the file being transferred. Not so much as a strong confidentiality and integrity control, but for greater assurance. Not using PKC/certificates is also a prerequisite. On Linux, one solution is… Read More »