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The renaissance of HEC? Cray, Inc. and Microsoft Azure

https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/blog/cray-supercomputers-are-coming-to-azure/ Cloud computing is a well understood concept, and the industry has adopted it extensively. But one topic that I’d not given much thought to despite following this trend for some time, is high performance and high end computing (HPC and HEC). Both paradigms have, historically, been very close to the multi-user, multi-tenanted philosophy of… Read More »

Ransomware and good security practices (Part 1)

This week there is considerable coverage of a major company being afflicted once more by WannaCry. It’s been about a year since the initial wave of WannaCry outbreaks spread across the world. In the UK, the NHS was affected to such an extent that it exposed how far cyber security practices, and infrastructure planning, had… Read More »