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Adding file encryption to file transfers: an imperfect approach

In some niche automation applications you might find yourself transferring files over TLS but still have a desire for a further layer of encryption of the file being transferred. Not so much as a strong confidentiality and integrity control, but for greater assurance. Not using PKC/certificates is also a prerequisite. On Linux, one solution is… Read More »

Switching to hardware-based security keys is now a reality for everyday users

One of the interesting developments in 2018 was the announcement by Yubico of their new Security Key (SK) – a hardware-based security key that can be used in place of passwords. As you might have guessed from my previous post, I’m not a fan of passwords. Disadvantages are abound with password authentication. Sharing and recycling… Read More »

What makes a good password vault?

Password vaults are very helpful additions to a desktop environment, particularly for personal use. They can provide secure storage of passwords, synchronisation across multiple devices, and a whole myriad of other features. What are we trying to achieve when using a vault? What are the critical high level objectives? Reducing password reuse Promoting regular password… Read More »

Email security and anti-spoofing – NCSC

NCSC have recently updated their guidance on email security and anti-spoofing. Implementing measures such as DMARC and SPF are well worth doing and will enhance the quality of your email service. Also make sure you use certificates from recognised Certificate Authorities and configure correctly, to ensure TLS is used as effectively as possible. Also make… Read More »