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Securing email services – DMARC and TLS

Email security enhancements are an easy modification to make to corporate mail services, and standards such as DMARC and TLS are relatively straightforward ones to roll out. DMARC initiatives over in the US are showing how effective a coordinated programme can be if executed correctly. InfoSecurity Magazine has a good article on the subject, with… Read More »

Using asymmetric capabilities to secure files using GPG

In my previous posts I discussed how GPG can be used to encrypt a large file using a symmetric key (passphrase). Provided keys are changed regularly, this approach has clear advantages in terms of simplicity, speed, and authentication of the parties. However the loss or theft of the key would break the security assumptions allowing… Read More »

GPG and key generation

In this post I’m walking through the process of creating a GPG key. This is needed for GPG operations that require either the public or private key for encryption or signing, respectively. I’ll be referring to this post in a future post where I talk about the combination of PKC and GPG to support secure… Read More »