Adobe Releases Security Updates – US-CERT

From US-CERT: Adobe has released security updates to address vulnerabilities affecting Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat and Reader, ColdFusion, and Creative Cloud Desktop Application. An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system. See

Filtering your IMAP mailbox from a client-side filter

With an increasing amount of email, I’ve found myself using query after query, often in the middle of conference calls, to find the information I need. Not the best situation, so I wanted to filter my email for specific senders into a dedicated folder on my mail provider. Many moons ago I used to run… Read More »

Some online MSc programmes in CS and cyber worth thinking about

I thought I’d pick out a few online (distance learning) degrees in computer science and cyber security for those that may be thinking about getting employers to sponsor them. University of Bath First up, it’s the University of Bath. Although Bath is not as old as some other higher-ranking universities, it’s established itself as a… Read More »

Influential report indicates some US cyber degree programmes inadequate

Do cybersecurity graduates possess the skills employers need? This is the captivating headline in a new report from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (via SANS). Conventional wisdom, as I indicated in my previous blog post, is that universities have the early-career professional shortage addressed through new and innovative cyber security degree programmes. Only… Read More »