Since 2014 I’ve been volunteering my own time to a variety of activities within BCS, also known as the Chartered Institute for IT, which is a charity and and the professional association for computing in the UK.

BCS Dorset Committee

For over four years I’ve been involved in the BCS Dorset Branch, joining the committee and fulfilling the roles of Education Liaison Officer (ELO), Industry Liaison Officer (ILO).

In 2018 I was approached by the committee to take on the role of Chair and co-opted, confirmed in the 2018 AGM. Over the last eight months, the committee has tripled in size, but we very much need more volunteers. Please see our web site for more information.

Some of the areas we are keen to develop include:

  • Engagement with schools at all educational levels
  • Developing our prize programme
  • BCSWomen Liaison Officer
  • Linking with neighbouring branches
  • Speaker programme
  • Business liaison
  • Engagement with local interest groups, including co-sponsoring
  • Interesting projects that support society and charities in Dorset

My experience working at Branch level has motivated me to represent Member Groups on the Council of BCS (see below).

BCS Assessor

From January 2019, I am a member of the BCS Assessors Register, with a specific interest in:

  • Supporting BCS in accreditation of university courses for chartership (aka Academic Accreditation)
  • NCSC Certified Professionals scheme, the UK national programme for certifing cyber security professionals (pending)

I hope to visit at least one university in 2019 to provide an input on behalf of industry.

BCS Council

In 2019 I am standing for election to the Council of the British Computing Society.

BCS is a large organisation with some £35m in income and endowments each FY. It does a pretty good job as the professional institute for computing in the UK, so I see an opportunity to optimise what we do and harness new developments to improve the member offer. It is also important that BCS continues to remain competitive, as increased fragmentation in professional organisations occurs in the UK.