I’m an information security and assurance consultant in the financial services sector, and in one form or another I help organisations and senior leaders design, start and run effective cyber security practices.

My career to date has been a mixture of theoretical and applied research, training, education, and specialist engineer roles, giving me a range of perspectives. A certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Implementer, I’ve also worked in the HMG accreditation framework, using IS1/IS2 for technical risk assessment and treatment.

Outside of the day job I’m a member of ACM and BCS, and an RSA Fellow. I’m also the Chairman of Dorset BCS, the professional association for computing in the county of Dorset.

You can find the site for Dorset BCS at www.dorset.bcs.org.

My Twitter feed is available at www.twitter.com/richgunstone.

Purpose of this blog

My goal is to bubble to the surface developments and topics of interest.

As I don’t have much time to proof read content, I tend to upload drafts and update them later on, so this site is in a permanent state of construction.

The site disclaimer also contains information on what I do include in my blog, and also just as importantly: what I do not include in my blog.