Some online MSc programmes in CS and cyber worth thinking about

By | 2nd February 2019

I thought I’d pick out a few online (distance learning) degrees in computer science and cyber security for those that may be thinking about getting employers to sponsor them.

University of Bath

First up, it’s the University of Bath. Although Bath is not as old as some other higher-ranking universities, it’s established itself as a good institution in a variety of metrics. Their MSc (Online) in Computer Science is worth looking at.

University of York

Next up, it’s the University of York also with an MSc (Online) in Computer Science. This university has established itself as a strong player, well-regarded in the HE sector, with involvement in a variety of research programmes.

University of Leicester

Third on the list is the University of Leicester with their MSc (Online) in Advanced Computer Science.

Liverpool and RHUL

On the cyber security front, consider:

If you’re considering other UK universities, a good starting point is the REF 2014 leaderboard searching on a department/subject area basis. You can find this at REF 2014.

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