Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) developments

By | 27th January 2019

There have been a fair few updates released recently by the CyBOK project, lead by Professor Awais Rashid at UoB.

CyBOK is an important development for cyber security in the UK, as it is being promoted by NCSC for a range of initiatives. These include certified degree programmes, CyberFirst and certified training programmes.

As I blogged about in my previous post, corporate training and development programmes for cyber security are a sensible strategy for retention and development in a rapidly changing profession.

In time CyBOK may be a helpful element within that strategy, although it is likely to be one of several, due to competing influences from mainstream certifications.

It would be interesting to see if adding epistemologists to the mix (academics who study the theory of knowledge) would add value.

See the CyBOK web site –

Also a recent NCSC blog post, with further links within –