Monthly Archives: January 2019

Diversity in the profession: the Diversity in IT Report

It was back in 2017 that the Chartered Institute for IT commissioned a research study that looked at diversity in the IT profession. This lead to the production of the following report: I strongly recommend anyone in the IT industry takes a look at this report. It is vitally important that the profession follows… Read More »

How do we develop the next generation of Cyber Specialists?

NCC have put up an interesting blog post on the challenge of developing the next generation of consultants ( NCC’s experience goes to show how much creativity businesses are willing to commit to the task. It’s widely recognised that the cyber security industry has some of the most critical talent shortages at the moment, and… Read More »

Detecting unauthorised devices using NMAP

NMAP is a fairly handing security scanning tool, though it does have its idiosyncrasies. The simple script (running from /root/macscan/macscan) below will use a “-sP” scan mode of NMAP to identify MAC addresses on the local network, and report any which are not previously known. This assumes any device will respond to an ICMP “ping”… Read More »