Blocking malicious domains using Squid

Squid has to be my all-time favourite open source project. I’ve used it extensively in my own projects, and Squid formed a key part of my lecturing to finalists in my spell as an academic and consultant. Every student that finished my final year networks course would have encountered my Squid build worksheet!

One of the nice features of Squid is the extensibility of the platform, the quality of the product, and clarity of configuration files. Combining Squid with some scripts can lead to some interesting security solutions. In this blog post I’m going to talk about how Squid can be used to block malicious domains, using dynamic data downloaded from the Internet and some very simple scripting.

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NIST begins search for lightweight crypto algorithms

Recent years, particularly with the advent of a broad class of IoT applications, have increased the need for crypto solutions for constrained applications. NIST has started a search to find and standardise lightweight cryptographic algorithms for precisely these situations.

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BCS social mobility report – IT offers lower cost to entry than law

“The IT profession makes decisions on behalf of us all and so it is vital that the workforce is representative of society. As well as being inclusive of age, gender, abilities and ethnicities it needs to be inclusive of people from all socio-economic backgrounds.”  (Source: BCS Social Mobility Report)

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The Deming Cycle – view it as a framework for action

The Deming Cycle has been around for a long time in information assurance and information security. It crops up in almost every introductory course on these topics, and can be found in a variety of frameworks and standards – for example, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 made the Deming cycle a core part of the ISMS until the 2013 version of the standard made it less prominent.

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