BCS Event Invitation – IT at Marston’s Brewery, Ringwood

By | 12th June 2018

I thought I’d carry our announcement to our Dorset BCS membership of our next BCS event on my blog.

I’m pleased to announce the next BCS Dorset event will be hosted at Marston’s Brewery in Ringwood on the 28th of June. The talk will be delivered by my BCS colleague, Tony Ford.

The details of this talk are below, including the booking link. Please note that there are around 20 spaces available for this exclusive tour of the Brewery, which also includes a tasting opportunity. Our events are now booked via EventBrite, which issues a booking confirmation, so please be aware that booking is required beforehand (link below).

I’ll take this opportunity to update you on our efforts on the committee. Over the past few months we have been busy organising the committee for BCS in Dorset to continue our efforts in arranging interesting events and promoting BCS objectives in the area. Richard Gunstone has taken over the role of Chair from Andrew Main, who remains on the committee. Peter Davidson has taken on the role of Treasurer, following the sad and untimely passing away of our long-serving treasurer, Dave Wilson.

Other roles remain mostly unchanged as we discussed at our AGM, and the makeup of the committee is available at our website. My thanks to Tony Ford for re-joining the committee, Paul Albinson and Geoffrey Darnton for their continued support, and a big welcome to Ryan Trant who has joined the committee this summer. Peter Davidson has been particularly supportive of the Branch and our thanks go to him for taking up the role of Treasurer. My thanks also to Nigel Rodgers and Andrew Main for their long service to the Branch.

We are always on the lookout for interesting speakers for our informal, relaxed, and conversational events. If you or anyone you know have an interest in this, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website. We can cover all reasonable expenses, from any part of the UK, and are actively interested in running talks through GoToWebinar.

We are also seeking further committee members. This includes a vacancy for our Inclusion Officer role. Virtually all of our committee meetings are now online at convenient times via Hangouts, Skype or GoToMeeting, so the commitment is not demanding. Please contact me or any committee member through the website for further information.

For more information on our BCS activities in Dorset, please visit our web site at www.dorset.bcs.org

Best wishes,

Richard Gunstone

“It Started in a Pub”

Thu 28 June 2018 19:00 (for 19:30) – 22:00 BST

Speaker: Tony Ford – Operations Director – Telecoms, Marston’s PLC

A technical talk and tour at Ringwood Brewery

Marston’s PLC are the largest brewer of ale in Europe, owning and brewing over 70 of the most popular brands of ale in the UK today at 7 different breweries.

To ensure that the £1bn plus PLC operates to its maximum it is supported by an enormous network of systems and infrastructure. The PLC created a fully licensed telecoms business in 2008 to provide telecoms and data services to the group. Marston’s telecoms today operates a dark fibre ring around its 4 data centres, manages over 700 ethernet circuits, several thousand broadband circuits, an MPLS core, hosted voice, 80gb of external transit, multiple NNI direct feeds from the UK largest other network providers and now sells those services beyond the group.

Tony Ford the Telecoms Operations Director will walk you through the extent of the operational side of the network infrastructure and what exciting developments are driving hospitality and retail today.

The short talk will be followed by a brewery tour of Ringwood brewery, where invitees can learn more about the Marston’s story and best of all taste some of the products.

The talk and tour will be approx 30 minutes each, leaving plenty of time to mingle and network with a nice glass of quality ale.

Speaker Bio:

Tony has spent 35 years in diverse industries, from retail regional management during the 1980’s to a change in career moving into IT in 1990. Starting his IT career as a consultant with the Delphi group, Tony had the privilege of working on various management led technology projects for Apple to British Airways, Local and National governments and everything in between. He has held senior positions with telecoms and internet businesses within the UK over the past 17 years and carries a host of experience of operations, product and systems. Tony holds fellowships with the Chartered Management institute and the Institute of Entrepreneurs and Enterprise, is a professional and committee member of the chartered institute of IT and has an MBA in media. Tony lives on the south coast of England with his wife Julia and family.

Book now: https://bcsdorset2806.eventbrite.co.uk