Encouraging strong cyber security practices by employees: the first line of defence

End users are one of the key battlegrounds between organisational security initiatives and hackers.

Phishing, malware-laden email, and fileless attacks are some of the most widespread attack vectors, making end-users the first line of defence.

The SANS Ouch! Newsletter is issued monthly from SANS and provides some good quality guidance on topical issues in cyber security. Most importantly it is written in a way that non-specialists can understand and apply.

Adopting your own organisational bulletins on security, or even including them as part of a larger publicity programme, can make a big difference to organisational cyber health.

The renaissance of HEC? Cray, Inc. and Microsoft Azure


Cloud computing is a well understood concept, and the industry has adopted it extensively. But one topic that I’d not given much thought to despite following this trend for some time, is high performance and high end computing (HPC and HEC). Both paradigms have, historically, been very close to the multi-user, multi-tenanted philosophy of Cloud. It turns out Cray, Inc. last year announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring some of their capabilities to the Azure platform.

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