Report writing in the workplace

In my former life as an academic-consultant, I’ve given quite a lot of lectures over the years to university students on how to write effective reports, typically in a coursework context. I’ve enjoyed doing so, and found lectures focused on getting a good submission ready for a university module are often some of the most… Read More »

Securing email services – DMARC and TLS

Email security enhancements are an easy modification to make to corporate mail services, and standards such as DMARC and TLS are relatively straightforward ones to roll out. DMARC initiatives over in the US are showing how effective a coordinated programme can be if executed correctly. InfoSecurity Magazine has a good article on the subject, with… Read More »

SANS FOR585 Q&A: Smartphone Forensics – Questions answered

Reviewing blog posts this morning, and came across an interesting article from SANS discussing some of the nuances of forensic recovery from smartphones. This is such a complex space at the moment, with continuing interest from smartphone manufacturers in protecting user privacy (e.g. mandatory FDE, etc.) Also take a look at the useful poster at… Read More »