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Dorset Chartered Institute for IT 2023/2024 Annual General Meeting

For several years I've supported BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT Dorset Branch in a variety of roles including Chairman, having returned to a committee member role since 2021.

Before a brief AGM we'll have a guest talk from Andrew Radcliffe which is open to all, both members and non-members of BCS.

Guest presentation from Spyrosoft

In 2021, Spyrosoft was recognised by the Financial Times as the fastest-growing tech company in Europe; find out how they achieved it

As a global technology services company, Andrew aims to take you behind the scenes, telling the story of how Spyrosoft was built from the ground up, describing a unique customer engagement approach, the successes, failures and learnings along the way before giving an insight into future plans.

In 2021, many companies faced another year of slower growth as the pandemic continued to constrain business activity. Delayed recovery in demand across European economies and the implications of Brexit complicated this trading period.

Accenture reported that half of all European companies reported a revenue or profit decline in the previous year and didn’t expect immediate improvement. Based on revenue growth in the preceding three years, as compiled by data provider Statista, the Financial Times annual FT1000 review of Europe’s fastest-growing companies identified Spyrosoft as the fastest-growing technology company in Europe.

This was achieved based on the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2016 and 2019.

About the speaker - Andrew Radcliffe

Andrew Radcliffe BSc MSc is an experienced CTO, technology entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Spyrosoft.

Having extensive software development experience in international markets, Andrew has been instrumental in leading the delivery of digital technologies into numerous companies around the world.

Andrew has over 30 years' experience in software engineering, working across the UK public sector, Telecommunications, Corporate Real Estate, HR, Aerospace and Legal within the UK, USA, Sweden, Poland and Austria. Formally a Digital Advisor to UK Government and Head of Development at Ordnance Survey, the National Mapping Authority of Great Britain, responsible for technology delivery and operation.

Andrew Radcliffe BSc MSc's LinkedIn profile

The BCS Dorset Branch presentation and AGM event, on Monday 22 Jan is now online at BCS Events

Some recent and forthcoming events

Some recent and forthcoming events from the events calendar are worth viewing if of interest:

Tuesday 31 October, 5pm , Delivering Cyber Education in HEI, by Mazhar Malik, organised by the Cybercrime Forensics SG, – details and registration at

Wednesday 1 November, 6pm, after the BCS AGD AGM, Generative AI and Metaverse what a powerful combination! By Ian Hughes – details and registration at

Monday 6 November, 7pm, Reviews and Inspections used in various ways, by Niels Malotaux, followed by the Quality SG AGM – details and registration at

Friday 1 December, at 5pm, AI driving force of Cyber Security, by Mazhar Malik, organised by the Cybercrime Forensics SG, with the Hampshire and the Dorset Branches, followed by the AGM of Cybercrime Forensics SG – details and registration at

November 21, 2023


I've been meaning to make this site a lot less overhead to run given it's rarely updated, and also migrate to a new hosting platform.

These pages are now generated by a home-grown static site generator, which contains a number of features to generate the content of the entire site. All web pages are generated from Markdown and the site generator is written in Python.

Despite running Python programming courses a few years back as a university lecturer, it's surprising how rusty programming skills can get, so very refreshing to revisit some fairly rudimentary Python coding in a text editor. I must do more.

November 19, 2023

Institute for Security Science and Technology event (October 2023)

Joining colleagues from the NHS and Academia, I recently took part in a panel discussion chaired by Prova Health CMO, Dr Saira Ghafur, hosted by the Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) at Imperial College London.

This interesting panel discussion explored how healthcare systems can become more resilient against cyber attacks.

It was fascinating to hear the range of insights from the panel on the challenges and solutions for increasing cyber security in healthcare, where systems rely increasingly on digital technologies and cyber threats pose a serious risk to patient safety.

The most interesting aspect as always was the audience participation, questions, and after event discussions.

October 19, 2023